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So the deer ate all your plants? We feel your pain. For years we have tried to curtail deer damage and lost all kinds of plants, flowers and trees. It is both discouraging and expensive to keep replacing your precious plants.

After trying different methods and products of deer control we came to the conclusion that in order for our plants to survive we had to create a product that would be reliable, long lasting and effective. After years of trial and error we have developed a product that affects both their sense of smell and taste, leaving your plants less appetizing to both deer, rabbits, groundhogs and other grazing animals.

If you have tried other products without much success, give DEER DEFEAT a try and you will discover that it can't be beat. You have our 100% guarantee or your money back.


We have tried every chemical agent & mesh fences to keep the deer away from our hostas and Deer Defeat not only works! But it is the only product that always works. We love it and will keep spraying it on always.

Stan Smith, Rhinebeck, NY