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Does Deer Defeat wash off with the rain?
No, Deer Defeat does not wash off with the rain. Just spray Deer Defeat on the plants when they are dry (not wet from dew or rain) on a non-windy day. Please keep the plant dry (no rain or sprinklers) for 4 to 5 hours following the application. This will allow Deer Defeat to fully set.
How often should I apply Deer Defeat?
As soon as your perennials are an inch or two high, please spray them. During the growing season, spray every 4 to 6 inches of new growth. Once the plants are mature, repeat the spraying once every 30 days. If using repellent for the first time on mature plants, apply weekly for the first 3 weeks. Reapply every 30 days thereafter.
When should I start spraying Deer Defeat?
Perennials should be sprayed as soon as they emerge in the spring. New plants (annuals and perennials) should be sprayed as soon as they are planted.
How much Deer Defeat should I put on my plants to protect them?
A light spray of Deer Defeat is most effective. Spray using a fine mist just until you see droplets on the leaves. Do not saturate the plants.
Does Deer Defeat leave an odor on the plants or flowers?
You will smell Deer Defeat for about 30 to 45 minutes after you spray. Then, it will be odorless to humans, but will continue to work on browsing animals.
Does Deer Defeat work on moles or voles?
No, Deer Defeat is effective on deer, rabbits and groundhogs.
Can I use Deer Defeat on my vegetable garden?
Yes, Deer Defeat can be used for vegetable gardens. If your garden is small, you can apply Deer Defeat liberally to the grass in a two foot wide perimeter around the garden. You will need to reapply the repellent each time you mow. If you have a larger garden, you can spray the vegetable plants directly up until the flowering stage. Once your plants start flowering, spray the grass around the perimeter of the garden once per month, or after each mow. We do not recommend spraying directly on your leafy vegetables.
Can I use Deer Defeat on fruit trees?
Deer Defeat can be sprayed on young fruit trees. This will help their development and spur their growth, as they will suffer no deer damage. You can spray mature fruit trees up to the flowering stage.
Does Deer Defeat harm the deer, rabbits or groundhogs? What about my pets?
No, Deer Defeat is all natural, and is safe for animals, humans, and the environment.
Does Deer Defeat affect or harm pollinators?
Dear Defeat does not affect pollinators. It neither attracts pollinators nor keeps the pollinators away from the plants that are sprayed. It will not harm the bees, butterflies, hummingbirds or any other pollinator. Furthermore, because Deer Defeat allows flowers to grow and bloom, versus being eaten, there are more sources of nectar for the pollinators.
Can I use Deer Defeat in the winter?
Yes, Deer Defeat provides excellent protection in the winter. You can find more information on winter application on the Instructions portion of our website.
Will Deer Defeat work if applied to mulch, dirt, or the trunk of a tree?
Generally speaking, no. It may work until the area sprayed gets wet. Deer Defeat works best on the “green” parts of the plant. If you spray anything else, it will wash off when it rains.
How much Deer Defeat do I need to protect my property?
It depends on how many plants you have to protect. Our 32 oz. Ready to Use covers about 500 sq. ft. of plants, while our one gallon of Ready to Use (and 16 oz. Concentrate, which makes one gallon of Ready to Use product) covers about 2000 sq. ft. of plants. For larger properties, our one gallon of Concentrate makes 8 gallons, for about 16,000 sq. ft. of coverage.
Will Deer Defeat stop the animals from coming on to my property?
No. The intent of the product is to inhibit consumption of plants and flowers. It will not make them avoid your property entirely. However, we have had customers spray the perimeter of small yards in an attempt to keep the animals out. We do not guarantee the results of this application, as it is much more effective and efficient to apply Deer Defeat directly on the plants and flowers. If you choose to try a perimeter application, you will need to apply Deer Defeat in an approximately 2 foot wide strip around the perimeter of your property. It needs to be applied on grass so the product can adhere. Deer Defeat is not effective on dirt, mulch, or other “non-green” surfaces. You have to either not mow this strip of treated grass, as you would be removing the product by cutting it off, or you must re-apply Deer Defeat after each mowing.
What is the shelf life of Deer Defeat?
Deer Defeat has a very long shelf-life. It can last for years. Just be sure to shake well before each use. Store it between 40-90 degrees Fahrenheit, and do not allow it to freeze.

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