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Buy Deer Defeat All Natural Deer Repellent

Deer Defeat all Natural Deer, Rabbit and Groundhog Repellent

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does your product really work?
A. That is a question often asked. Yes our product has been tested and proved to successfully protect plants in all seasons. You can read the testimonials from all the happy customers. 
Q. What is Deer Defeat made of?
A. Our eco-friendly formula is made of all natural ingredients totally safe the for humans, animals and environment. 
Q. When can Deer Defeat be used?
A. Deer Defeat can be used year round.
Q. Can Deer Defeat be used on vegetables?
A. Yes, can be sprayed directly on vegetables. We suggest spraying the repellent up to the flowering point and afterwards spraying the grass around the perimeter. For more detailed information check the instructions.

Q. How should Deer Defeat be used?
A. Deer Defeat can be sprayed directly on the plants. Besides protecting the plants, it simultaneously nourishes them. 
Q. When should one start application of Deer Defeat?
A. New plants should be sprayed as soon as they are planted. Perennials should be sprayed as soon as they emerge in the spring.
Q. Can Deer Defeat Repellent be used in the winter?
A. Yes, Deer Defeat is extremely effective in the winter. It is also the only all natural repellent that can be safely applied in sub-freezing temperatures.  

Q. Does Deer Defeat smell bad?
A. Deer Defeat has been described as having a strong salad dressing like odor. Dries odorless to humans in approximately 10/15 minutes after being applied.
Q. When should Deer Defeat not be applied?
A. Deer Defeat should not be applied if rainfall is due in less then four (4) hours or in windy conditions. 
Q. What about the rain, will it wash the repellent off?
A. Deer Defeat Repellent is LONG LASTING! The unique formula easily withstands long periods of steady rainfall. 
Q. Your web site states that with Deer Defeat Repellent there is no need for a deer fence?
A.  By using Deer Defeat year round you will train the browsing animals to stay from your vegetation. Because Deer Defeat Repellent is also highly effective in the winter it will protect your property year round, therefore eliminating need for fencing. 
Q. Can Deer Defeat Repellent be used on fruit trees?
A. Yes, Deer Defeat Repellent can be sprayed directly on young fruit trees, this is when they need it most. This will help their development and spur their growth, as they will suffer no deer damage.
Q. Does your product harm the deer or rabbits?
A. Our product is all natural and no harm to anything. It is totally eco safe.
Q. I like the deer, I feed them?
A. You can still feed the deer,  just spray the plants that you want to protect. 
Q. Is your product organic?
A. Our product is made of all natural ingredients.

Q. Is it safe for my dogs and cats?
A. Deer Defeat is all natural and will not harm your pets. 
Q. Will your product burn the leaves?
A. Our product was tested under extremely hot temperatures and no damage was detected to the foliage.
Q. Is it safe for my water well?
A. Deer Defeat is totally safe for the environment.