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Winter Use of Deer Defeat Repellent

We all get aggravated when deer eat our flowers in the spring or summer, but if you have evergreens the real protection should be in the winter. Here are some tips on how to use Deer Defeat Repellent most successfully:

Deer Defeat Repellent is very effective in the cold winter months. Make sure you spray all your evergreens, to protect them in even the harshest of months. This is where Deer tend to do the most damage. With the snow on the ground, Deer eat anything that is green, including the buds of your Azaleas and Lilacs which are formed and ready for spring flowering. When it comes to the landscape of your property you know what shrubs Deer attack during the winter months. Spray the entire bush or plant with visible drops in late November just before the first snow. Make sure it’s a dry and calm day when you get your plants and evergreens ready for winter, to get the best results. The repellent will dry odorless in 15 minutes or less, but it will take 4 hrs to fully set on any plants sprayed. Deer Defeat repellent will go on clear and if applied correctly, it will coat your bushes and protect them from the cold temperatures and strong winds during the winter months. You will not need to use any burlap or deer netting. Each region has different temperatures and different plants to be sheltered. If you live in the warm areas this might be the only application you will need. If you have very aggressive Deer, as we do in the North East, make sure you repeat the second application at the end of January or early February, on a calm and sunny day. And even in the North East we do get those nice days. If you have Rhododendrons and their leaves are pencil thin, that is not the day to go out and spray.

In the winter you will see Deer any time during the day. They are in constant search of food which is scarce. You can also follow the deer tracks in the snow; if you see evidence of Deer presence closer then 5 feet from any sprayed evergreens it’s time to spray the plants again. You should not need more than 2 applications during the winter unless you have extremely aggressive Deer. When you spray in late January make sure you periodically shake your sprayer. It’s always a good idea to get into a habit to shake the repellent often, but never more so than during application in the cold weather months. For best performance in the winter, make sure to keep Deer Defeat repellent stored in above freezing temperature.

We believe we have covered winter application in great detail but if you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us by calling or sending us an e-mail.

Try it, for year around protection, Deer Defeat Repellent just Can’t Be Beat!

The Deer Defeat staff Wishes you a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.

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Nevia, Aldo, Paul, Connie and the Deer Defeat Team