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Deer Defeat all Natural Deer, Rabbit and Groundhog Repellent


Customers believe in our product and we are constantly adding new testimonials.

"Thank you so much. We have been using this product for the last 5 years. IT IS THE answer! Absolutely works."
"My oakleaf hydrangea has blooms on it for the first time in years. Thank you!"
Bluemont, VA
"Your Product is TERRIFIC! The rabbits not only keep their distance but RACE through our yard fifteen feet from our 100' bed of tulips and other delectables. We will continue to order and spray our hostas and daylillies later as we still have snow banks and had snow yersterday."
Deb Halverston
Minot, North Dakota
"Love DEER DEFEAT! It's the only product that works. Finally the deer and rabbits stay away from the garden. Thank You."
Maureen Ryan
Weymouth, MA
"This stuff is the absolute best deer repellent. We have been using it for about 3-4 years now and have had hostas and lilies like never before. But you have to follow the directions closely. We watch the deer walk through the back yard and they do not come near the flowers and plants as long as we spray as directed."
Patricia Hogan
Pittsburgh, PA
"Rabbits were eating my squash and cucumber plants. I sprayed them with Deer Defeat and no more nibbling on my plants."
Bobby Long
Tallahassee, FL
"Your product is wonderful. Since I started using it two years ago my gardens have been untouched. Our home is on a garden tour this year so I am thankful for DEER DEFEAT."
Barbara Kaczmark
East Aurora, NY
"Product amazing! I used to spray nightly hot sauce mixtures. This past year after spraying Deer Defeat 3x during the season NO DEER OR RABBITS ate our plants."
A. Hamel
Ballston Lake, NY
"Great product. It worked on all kinds of flowers. Deer in my yard even sample daffodils. So I spray them. I have hundreds or more of daylilies and the spray works on all of them also. It works on all kinds of plants."
Clark Shaughnessy
Schodack, NY 
"This is the best by far, the very best deer repellent I have ever used. I also might mention that this company are wonderful to deal with! Try them, you'll be very happy with this product."
Dorothy Ruggerio
Pittstown, NJ 
“I just had to write to express how wonderful Deer Defeat is!! For many years I sprayed my garden lilies with Liquid Fence. While it worked, it needed to be reapplied every time it rained!! Still the deer ate the buds!! I followed your directions for using Deer Defeat I now have lilies galore!! I don't have to worry about spraying after rain. I forgot what the colors of my lilies are because they never got to bloom!! I love, love, Deer Defeat. It is the best!!! Thank you!!!! I have told everyone I know who have deer problems about it!!!”
Kathleen Luria
East Greenbush, NY 

“The deer came up to my plants, smelled the Deer Defeat and walked away from the plant buffet! Yeah!”
(CCEV Master Gardener Volunteer)

“I've been using Deer Defeat for 3 years. It's the ONLY THING THAT ACTUALLY WORKS! I use it on flowers - evergreens along a field border and it stopped them from coming into my garden through the field. I RECOMMEND THIS HIGHLY.”
Juliette Stokes
High Falls, NY

“I have a ton of gardens, plants, trees, shrubs that deer love. Deer Defeat has protected them in all seasons Wonderful local product.”
Christy McDougall

“Most of my flower garden is planted with "deer resistant" varieties, but Deer Defeat has let me have hostas and other lilies for the first time in years. It's also great around the perimeter of my vegetable garden, keeping the deer from trying to break through the fence. I'TS THE FIRST PRODUCT THAT'S WORKED!”
Judy Weiss
High Falls, NY

“I have been using Deer Defeat for about two years. The product works so well that I no longer am concerned about planting only deer resistant plants. My lilies are now beautiful and I get to enjoy them rather than worry that they will be an edible treat for deer. Thanks for such a great product.”
Jane Anne McCall
Highland, NY

“After losing a major portion of our hostas, we discovered Deer Defeat on line. We read all the amazing reviews, and contacted two local sellers who also raved about the product. We bought it and sprayed it on about three weeks ago and have not had a single leaf eaten since then. I do not usually write reviews, but my wife and I are very grateful to not have to look at hosta stems for the rest of the summer.” This is a truly great product! Thank you so much,”
Milan, NY

“We have tried numerous products to repel deer from our garden, but until we used our product our flowers and shrubs were a feast for every deer in the neighborhood. After using your spray, we suspected that the deer activity had decreased, but this morning we had proof positive. We watched as a group of 12 deer approached the stone wall dividing the woods from one of our garden areas. One by one they passed by, but two of them came up to the wall. You could see that they were definitely interested in coming over, but just like in your demo tape they stood there as if trying to make up their minds. You could almost see the frustration on their faces caused by something, actually your product, keeping them from approaching any closer. They would try to approach, but would keep turning back. One remained like that for about 10 minutes and the other almost half an hour before turning away completely to walk down the wall and enter our neighbor's yard. If we needed any more proof as to the ectiveness of your product, I could not imagine what that might be. Our only hope is that your product remains on the open market and does not become restricted like Chew-not, the only other one to ever work as well. Anyway, we just wanted to thank you and to tell you that you have a customer for life, and that we tell everyone we know about your fantastic product.”
Jan Pish
Tom Drexinger

Dear Mr. Drexinger,
Thank you so much for taking the time and writing us a testimonial. Where did you purchase our Deer Defeat repellent? Was it in the flower & garden show? If yes please visit your favorite greenhouse and ask them to carry Deer Defeat. Can you tell us what area do you live in? We heard from people all over the deer populated areas where nothing worked... until they used Deer Defeat. We are looking forward to see pictures of your beautiful flowers being entered in our contest. Please check our home page for details. You will have a chance to win a free gallon of concentrate. Thank you again for using Deer Defeat all natural deer, rabbit & groundhog repellent.
All the best,
Deer Defeat LLC

Dear Nevia,
We did see your product for the first time at the flower and garden show. I must admit, being a "doubting Thomas", when I watched the video of the deer approaching the shrub and backing away I had thought that there probably was someone out of camera range shaking a stick or something at it. How could anything work that well and not be a controlled chemical? You know how some adds today can misrepresent an item, but believe me I would gladly put anyone's doubts to rest after using your product. Actually, the experience I described in my original message was almost an exact reproduction of your video, being enacted right before my eyes. And we did tell our greenhouse about your product, even giving them all the information they would need to contact your web site. We live in the northeastern part of the state, the Wilkes Barre area which is on the fringe of the Pocono mountains, so we have no shortage of deer, rabbit or groundhogs. I have always taken care of the groundhogs the old fashioned way, using a gun. Actually, come to think of it, we did observe a groundhog starting to infiltrate our garden, but then we did not see him anymore. We did not think of your product playing a role in that little mystery, as we were so concentrated on defending our garden from deer. Once again, this is the first time one of those rodents ever left on its own without being carried away on a shovel after being shot. This is the first year that my wife's flowers and shrubs have ever looked so good, thanks to your product. Thanks again and have a great day.

“I would like to submit a testimonial for the Deer Defeat Product.
I have been using this product since it was brought out on the shelves in Red Hook. I am truly amazed how well it works. I grow flowers for enjoyment and I also enter them in the Dutchess County Fair Horticulture Show. So I do not need animals to chomp down on all my hard work. In the early spring 2013 when I started to get areas on my property ready for the new season, I sprayed Deer Defeat on a newly renovated flowerbed, basically to get it revived and strong. The deer have paths they follow as they navigate around my yard. This particular flowerbed is directly in the path. In the early morning after I had sprayed the day before, I watched the deer go up the path, stop at the top of the hill and then made a large curve around the path, not going anywhere near the bed. It was actually amazing to watch how they strayed from their normal path due to the spraying. I do not spray more than once a month and all season this year the deer have been kept at bay. I am sooooo happy that the Deer Defeat works because before this I had to deer fence everything and it was not attractive. I have a flowerbed area right near a crab apple tree. The deer come to eat the apples but don’t eat the flowers in the surrounding beds (these beds are only 10 ft from the apple tree). It also works in the many plants I have in flower pots. The chipmunks used to dig tunnels and bury nuts in the flower pots. Not anymore since I spray the pots also with Deer Defeat.
Yeeha and thanks for such a great product!”
Carol Ransford
Red Hook, NY

“There was no problem spraying the repellent. It worked well in my garden and my daughter's. She lives where there are lots of deer and rabbits. Neither of us had any destruction in our vegetable gardens.”
Sandra Williams
Holland Patnt, NY

“I sprayed Deer Defeat on all of flowers and small trees and scrubs. Deer Defeat
deterred all deer and rabbits off of flowers and trees. I followed directions on bottle.”
Hugh Vickers
Manchester, TN

“We live in New York City and bought a vacation home in East Stroudsburg, PA
a few years ago. When we first arrived we loved seeing the deer in the garden -- until we started planting -- we don't love them nearly as much. We tried various products, some of which worked for a short period then failed. Finally a colleague at work suggested Dear Defeat. I gave it a try. For the first time our Japanese Maple, lilies, and hydrangeas were not eaten to the nubs. Two weeks ago, we bought a daisy plant and put it in the garden. Because it was about to rain, we could not spray the Deer Defeat before we left. When we returned the next weekend the deer had eaten every flower! All the plants and flowers around the daisy plant that had been sprayed with Dear Defeat were fine, but the unsprayed plant was devastated. Fortunately, the plant has recovered and there are a few new blooms. Attached is a photo of the plant with all the tops bitten off and some new growth. We love Deer Defeat and have recommended it to all our gardener friends.”
Michael Sachs
East Stroudsburg, PA

“I have attached a picture of our day lilies made possible by Deer Defeat. We live on Nantucket, MA, which has a huge deer population that regularly devastate our lilies. Last year they ate every bud and we got no blossoms. The rabbits do a number on the lilies too. We have tried every deer and rabbit deterrent product on the market with no luck. This year we found Deer Defeat online. With just three applications we have had no damage from deer or rabbits. It works!
Greg Ross

“In a heavily populated deer area in southern Duchess County right of the parkway. Our flowers and shrubs are as beautiful as ever all protected by Deer Defeat. What a great product.”
David Prince
Dutchess Co, NY

“In the past, mice have always gotten in to my lawnmower and built nests all over, especially in the engine. Had to have my head gasket replaced last summer! My wife suggested I Deer Defeat-it all over, especially the engine. I did so with every piece of equipment I have, and, guess what, it worked! Not a mouse nest anywhere!”
Will Stanley
Red Hook , NY

“I won a Deer and Rabbit Repellent at last year's show. I used it all season long to protect my plants. It works! Great buy! I am here to purchase one for this season.”
Virginia Casserat
Glenmont, NY

“In the past deer have ravaged our flower and vegetable gardens. Since using Deer Defeat, we still see their hoof prints but our flowers and vegetables are untouched, growing and thriving! I appreciate the "greenness" of the product and the fact that it is safe for household pets. Thank you for such an effective and easy to use product.”
Phyllis Peterson
Port Monmouth, NJ

“Deer Defeat gave awesome result to entries to Dutchess County Fair. No more rabbit issues. Love this product!”
Pat Werner
Clermont, NY

“Prior to using Deer Defeat, the deer ate our hosta, impatients, azaleas and roses. Last year we purchased Deer Defeat and applied it to our plants as recommended. The deer did not touch or eat our plants all summer. It really works! Best of all it is not toxic to our pets.”
Susan J Ness
Schoharie, NY

“Bought your product at the flower show and it works great. Have used it all, so please rush me some more. Thanks.”
Deborah Mackin,
Eagle Bridge, NY

“I planted a huge lily garden 3 years ago. No lilies bloomed until this year when I used Deer Defeat. The garden was so beautiful that people wowed, stopped & took pictures. Thanks Deer Defeat!”
Kit Koerner
Pine Plains, NY

“I have never written a testimonial before for anything. But this product is amazing. We have the most beautiful hostas for the first time in many, many years. Thanks again.”
Gyna Shinghio
New City, Rockland

“I went to the local lumber yard looking for a different brand that I used before that worked OK. Saw your product and that it was made in the Hudson Valley so I thought I would give it a try. Glad I did! Best stuff on the market. I saw daylilies for the first time in 6 years. I have and would recommend to everyone that complains about the deer eating everything. Again "Best Stuff on the Market!”
Rhonda Johnson
Cranyville, NY

“This year was the first time in 27 years that I got to see my lilies and hostas go to full bloom. A squirt every once in a while is all it takes.”
Tae B. Hesbested
Carmel, NY

R. Guski
Red Hook, NY

“It's magic! The deer didn't eat a thing!”
Cheryl Rose
Poughkeepsie, NY

Art De Pasqua
Clinton Corners, NY

“Great Product. It has kept the deer away from my garden and my plants are happy, blooming their hearts out!!”
Linda Freisibet
Hyde Park, NY

“Use product 1 x month. Keeps all animals from destroying plants, trees and shrubs. Excellent product."
Chat R.
La Grengville NY

“Wow - It's all I use! Try it, you will never use anything else.”
Sally Spillane - WKZE 98.1 - The Garden Show

“Product is used in the Historic Cutting Gardens at home of Franklin Roosevelt and the Eleanor Roosevelt site to protect the annual and perennial flowers, roses and Canadian hemlock trees. We have had excellent results with this product”
David M. Cerasaro
Hyde Park, New York

“Hello just wanted to tell you what a great product that you have. It saved me a lot of money on plants that I did not have to replace this year.”

"Tried your deer repellent product, it was recommended by a friend, she stated that it really works and that I should give it a try. I tried it and so far it’s been a month and my pansies are still growing, they have not been touched.”
Hyde Park, New York

“There is nothing more glorious than the welcoming sight of tulips bursting through the ground after a Iong, cold winter. Unfortunately the deer seem to share the same opinion! I have tulips planted around my home but for the past five years I have not been able to see them bloom. The local deer think I planted them for their benefit. My yard became a buffet and I did not know how to keep the deer from constantly feasting. This year I found a product called Deer Defeat. I used it as directed and carefully watched the growth of my tulips. The motto of this product is "It can't be beat" For the first time in many years I had gorgeous tulips. It had been so long since they bloomed that my son asked me who planted them. I told 1dm they were planted years ago but the deer always ate them before they bloomed. This product is fantastic! Try it and enjoy the beauty of your garden. It can't be beat!”
Reggie Pasco
Red Hook, New York

“Deer Defeat is awesome. I live near a creek that much of the local deer population frequent. I had all but given up on a Cherry tree that the deer had destroyed. While at a visit to the local garden center I was introduced to Deer Defeat. With one application of Deer Defeat the deer have not been back since. My cherry tree has made a full recovery and I am building new plantings around my home. It is unbelievable.”
Chris Rawls
East Fishkill, New York

“Having a major problem for the past 10 years with deer and rabbit attacks on all of our shrubs and flowers, both my wife and I felt nothing would help.
We were introduced to a new product called Deer Defeat, and the effect has almost been a miracle. We have a particular section of our property which is the major crossing path for the deer population in Tivoli, NY, and they always stopped to have a snack. Since using Deer Defeat – eating has stopped and our flowering plant existence has come back to life. I highly recommend Deer Defeat to anyone to eliminate deer and rabbit destruction.”
Peter Rumsey
Tivoli, NY

“Deer defeat works fantastic! The deer did not touch any of the flowers that they had eaten before using this product.”
Donna Ryan

“Deer Defeat has saved my plants & shrubs. In 2009 the deer almost destroyed my garden and now I have no problems. I swear by this product.”
Cathie Wagner
Poughquag NY

“Deer Defeat is great! My hosta is growing.....The first time in years. Will definitely buy again.”
Judy Dym
Poughkeepsie NY

“Deer Defeat works great. First year my hostas have not been eaten by deer.”
Kristin Howe
Hyde Park NY

This customer has 2 dogs with Lyme disease and she is concerned with deer ticks in her yard. This is how she uses Deer Defeat Repellent:
“Deer Defeat keeps the deer away for a month after each spray! Great for use on the boundary of the property. We live on the deer superhighway.”
Ashley Passmore
Rhinebeck NY

“Deer Defeat - It Works - believe me - Deer, rabbit, groundhogs - I live in aresidential area - wild animals kept coming. I used this and they stopped. Thank you.”
S. Peplowsky
Albany, NY

“I love it. Since I applied it no new deer chomps. Thanks”
Cindy Katz
Trumwull, CT

This gentleman uses the spray to protect his vegetable garden, and sprays only the perimeter: “Awesome product! Even makes my lawn greener and even thicker with this product. Thanks”
Lance Hertzbach

“The best stuff I ever used! Owned home 22 years & this year was the 1'st time I saw the colors of my lilies! And the hydrangea! Buy It.”
Judy Garvey
Cornwall on Hudson

“Hosta always EATEN by deer for over 5 years. Your product really works”.
oe LaBarbera
Putnam County, Mahopac, NY

“Never got to enjoy my hostas and lilies - with flowers. Product is great”.
Loren DeSanti
Stamford, CT

“Heavy spray works Great”
Somers NY

“Works really well on lilies. Last year lost everyone. This year really great lilies.”
B. Carl
Hudson, NY

“I purchased this product in the spring and used it. I have a herd of deer on the property - they haven't touched my gardens. Great product!”
E. Boldrich
Hyde Park

Deer Defeat works better than anything I have tried.”
Anthony Korf
Clermont, NY

“WORKED WHEN NOTHING ELSE DID. Has been working really well -first time I have hostas & inpatients this long in the season!”
Poughkeepsie, NY

“Keeps deer and rabbits off of my rose of sharon bush.”
D Halker
Gardner, NY

“My husband and I have used this product when nothing else worked. We saved our flowers as well as our vegetables. It worked on the stubborn woodchuck that made his home under our fence. Thanks so much for a great product!”
Bob and Teena Smith
Kingston, NY

“I want to thank you for producing DEER DEFEAT. This product works with keeping deer away from my plants. I have lived in Georgia for 13 years and every year we would plant flowers and other plants, only to be destroyed by deer after a few days.. I have tried different deer repellents, nothing has ever worked. I became desperate to the point where I almost stopped planting, until I was introduced to DEER DEFEAT. At first I had my doubts about this product since other deer repellent products never worked, but after using DEER DEFEAT for about 1 month, and I can say deer and rabbits do not come near my plants. I would recommend this to anyone. Thanks again.”
Coweta, Georgia

“Tried this after others ........ will now stick with this. Very Effective”
Joe Stag
Hyde Park, NY

“We used Deer Defeat last winter and we didn't have any problems with the deer population which is a big problem in our area.”
Elaine Barilli
Hopewell Junction, NY

“This product works GREAT! After many others have failed. Used on rodo, winter creeper, hosta flowers etc.”
Jules Broden
Hopewell Junction, NY

“Deer ate my hedges, low cedar branches last winter. Neighbor’s plants were eaten last summer. Bought product this spring sprayed everything 2 xs over the past 4 months. Everything has grown back. So far no problems.”
Joel C.
Bloomington, NY

“I have used this product for two years. My flowers & tomatoes have not been touched. Everything looks great. Great Product!”
Vera Sinisi
Copake Lake, NY

“I purchased this product on Memorial Day @ Stormville flea market and I love it”.
Sabrina Nelsen
Putnam Valley, NY

“I never grew tulips, because the deer would eat them. A friend had told me about the product (Deer Defeat) planted some tulips and other flowers, sprayed Deer Defeat and I still have my flowers. Great Stuff. Thank you very much.”
Zorine Palmer
Holmes, NY

“Great product. We had our day lilies for the first time in 22 years. NOT TO BE BELIEVED!! Great.”
R. Rizzo,
Rhinebeck, NY

“This is a great product. Deer Defeat really works. Thank you.”
Barbara Chianese
Clinton Corners, NY

“This product really works!”
Bob O’Connor Jr.
Rhinebeck, NY

“We have tried every chemical agent & mesh fences to keep the deer away from our hostas – and Deer Defeat not only works! But it is the only product that always works. We love it and will keep spraying it on always.”
Stan Smith
Rhinebeck, NY

“Deer Defeat works – Only had to spray over the course of two weeks in early summer and haven’t sprayed again! Don’t even see the deer in my yard anymore”.
David Byrnes
Poughquag, NY

“This is the first year all my hostas flowered and my flower garden in my backyard was luscious with flowers!! Thank you”
Lisa Harnan
Poughkeepsie, NY

“I tried the spray in late spring because the deer went wild with my flowers. No one went near or ate anything. It has kept away the deer, woodchucks and even the chipmunks in the potted plants. Thanks so much! Due to the success of this product I had a stellar year entering my flowers in horticulture (Dutchess County Fair).”
Carol Ransford
Red Hook, NY

“I sprayed my flower garden two times for the whole summer and my deer problem went away!”
Michael Murphy
Lagrange, NY

“It really works! It kept out all of the deer & critters this season. My hostas were untouched! Thanks so much.”
Jessica Pomeroy
North Haledon, NY

“I have used Deer Defeat for a couple of years. Nothing else works and I had tried numerous products.”
Kay E. Santley
Poughkeepsie, NY

“This product is the best on bushes etc.....”
Jake Miller
Hillsdale, NY

“Excellent! Really worked. I can now enjoy my flowers without worry about the deer eating them.”
Judy Dyson
Poughkeepsie, NY

“I have used this product and it really works!”
Lynda Konte
Valhalla, NY

“We are so glad that you make this product "Deer Defeat" - IT WORKS!!! The deer love to nibble on our landscaping. With the repellent, they don't. Thank you for sharing your product with us.”
Kate Geiffey
Fishkill, NY

“It's so frustrating to wait all winter for my hyacinths and Asiatic lilies only to have the flowers & buds nipped clean off by the rabbits, ground hogs and deer. I have tried to plant enough to share, but my patience has worn thin. This year I tried Deer Defeat and watched the deer graze past the day lilies and hostas! With minimal use Deer Defeat has become the pride of my gardens.”
Sue Bouton, Master Gardener
Patterson, NY

To Whom It May Concern:
I am pleased to write a testimonial for Deer Defeat. This product was tested in my orchard throughout the summer of 2010 and gave better deer browsing control than any other material utilized in previous years. We also used it on pumpkins and tomatoes with equally outstanding results.
Most Respectfully,
Chris Loken
Owner, Love Apple Farm

“Worked like a charm - sprayed 2 times last year and never had a problem.”
Ruth Kirk
Burlington, CT

“Used this product and "does it work". Easy to apply and takes just minutes. Also is natural & will not harm your plants. You can't go wrong with this "Deer Defeat". "BUY IT". It won't harm the DEER"
D. J. Laverty
Garnerville, NY

“Product works very well. You must follow instructions and it will work very well.”
Martin Lel
Cornwall on Hudson, NY

“We were having problems with our daylilies. After spraying with Deer Defeat, the daylilies flowered beautifully.”
Denise Miller - Cedar Ridge Nurseries
Saugerties NY

“I have 2,5 ac. Uncontrollable deer until I started using Deer Defeat.”
Elen Older - Master Gardener
Stone Ridge, NY

“Purchased this product because I was at my end with the damn deer eating everything. It got so bad that I started to put plastic/silk flowers at curbside to make it look good. Got tired of feeding the deer and spending so much money. I was skeptical & purchased the product. So far I've used it & so far my hostas seem to be doing well & lilies out there. I came today to purchase another bottle. So far so good. Next time I'll buy the concentrate formula. I recommend this product! It works!”
Jenny Krutzscham
Town of Kent (Carmel), NY

“I used Deer Defeat for the first time this year. I sprayed my hosta plants and the the deer have not eaten any of them. Usually they came and ate all the flower buds. Deer Defeat works really well.”
Frederick Ray
Danbury CT

“I first purchased Deer Defeat in 2010 at the flea market, figuring I would try anything once. It actually worked really well. I only had to spray (hostas,& lilies) about once a month vs using other sprays weekly. I have since come back twice this year to buy more. I highly recommend this product!!”
Lauren Bell
Brewster, NY