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National Home and Garden Club Testimonials

Deer Defeat National Home and Garden Seal

Welcome to the Deer Defeat “It Can’t Be Beat” all natural deer and rabbit repellent testimonial page. Deer Defeat has participated in the National Home Gardening Club Product Testing Program. Members/gardeners of National Home Gardening Club participated in testing Deer Defeat throughout the United States. It was tested in all kinds of temperatures and conditions. Completed tester’s reviews began to return to the editor of Gardening How –To magazine as early as March and it continued through the end of July 2011.

Besides being tested on the performance of the repellent, Deer Defeat was also rated on other issues such as clarity of the instructions, bottle appearance, ease of use, etc., thus influencing the overall rating.

We are proud to report that as of August 1st, we were awarded the “members tested and recommended” seal of approval by the National Home Gardening Club, receiving a very high approval rating. The seal has been added to our home page and from now on will appear on our labels, brochures and advertisements.

For additional information regarding the testing click on: blog.deerdefeat.com.
We wish to thank all the members of National Home Gardening Club that took the time to test Deer Defeat repellent and sent the reviews back so we are able to share them with our customers.

Following are the testimonials from all the parts of the country. We will add any other review of the testing, if received, following this posting.   
"Rabbits were eating all the bark from my trees. I haven't seen one rabbit after 1 application. Keeps the Rabbits away. "It works" Where can I get It?"
Gloria Zoda
Kingston, NY
"I was very happy to see my tulips & lily not eaten - also the vegetable garden was not eaten as well. My plants had a good chance to bear fruit. This is a good product. My family and friends were very interested in this product."
Grace Trimboli
Hamburg, NY
"This product works like directions. I have had no deer or rabbits eating my flowers or shrubs. The only complaint is that the sprayer seems to slow down if you try to spray too fast. Also you cannot use if windy. The spray gets all over yourself. Smells very bad. It works."
Laverne Anderson
Zephyrhills, FL
"I used this spray to save my tulips from the deer. It worked wonderfully. I also used it on my roses and so far it worked very well. All the buds are on the plants. It works. Son thought it was the best product we used to date"
Laurette Bryzgel
Moodus, CT
"I recommend this product if you are in an area that has deer and jack rabbits. As I do live in an area where wildlife visit very much. I have a fence around garden area that keeps deer away but it has helped keep the rabbits out of it. My friends never heard of it until they asked if they could use it."
Toni Knoll
Redding, CA
"I used this product 3 times. I haven't had any animal damage to my plants. I usually have rabbit, deer & groundhog damage. I had none this year I plan on spraying everything even in the winter. It works. my family and friends think it's wonderful."
Deborah Mason
Colver, PA
"Highly recommend. Sprayed flowers and shrubs normally eaten by deer before they even bloom. Not this year! After spraying with Deer Defeat, the deer left all the plants & shrubs alone! Amazing product! Even after several torrential rains, the product continued to do the job! Can't wait to use it in my vegetable garden as well! It continues to work even after rain. The smell is a minor inconvenience when seeing the results, and it only lasts 10 minutes. All my friends loved it as much as I did and are interested in purchasing their own."
Barbara Mentzer
Needmore, PA
"After 2 years battling deer (soaps, flags, etc) Deer Defeat is the first product to discourage deer from eating my hydrangeas. They are also finally avoiding my azaleas, after 14 years. I'm pleased with the results. My husband was very pleased, because I'm no longer complaining about the deer."
Martha Williams
Summerville, SC
" like the idea of not having to mix the product. Ready to use straight out of the bottle was great. I received the product at the wrong time of the year to use it like I normally would. But I did try it out on a bush that the deer have been enjoying this winter. I applied the product and have not seen the deer near that bush for several days. But spring is coming fast and they may be finding food elsewhere. I look forward to using this product in my garden."
Susan Christopher
Waynsburg, PA
"Ok for small beds, large beds could get into lot of money. It did keep the deer away."
Paul A. Mcpherson Jr.
Perkiomenvlle, PA
"I would recommend this product in deer infested areas. Rain washes it off, but any product would wash off. You do not have to mix and it works. I don't know how to improve, unless you could lower the price a little. Everybody liked the way it works."
Cleo F Frazer
Oxford, NC
"Due to the extended rainy season I didn't need to start application until late in June in California. When it stopped raining, the deer came out and nibbled on my escallonia shrub. Out came your spray & away went the deer. It also scared away all the noisy young children from my garden with it's odiferous smell; but it works! I use it as much for getting rid of unwanted children as I do for deer. It works! Lower price to be better value. All liked the quiet! Also no more deer grazing."
Cyle Petrig
Novato, CA
"It works very well. I had a rabbit eating bushes on lilies also flower buds on my lilies. The spray worked very good. The rabbit is still looking for things to eat in my flower bed. It was an excellent product though expensive."
Darlene Asmussen
Tifton, GA
"I highly recommend this product. Before I used it I had planted over300 tulip bulbs. In the spring only a half dozen made it to bloom. This year when I received the product I put it to the ultimate test, I planted tulips. Not a one was eaten and I had the most beautiful garden for Easter. It kept the animals away. The smell to spray is God awful so maybe something with a long nozzle. Everyone asked me what I used to keep the deer away then asked where they could get it."
Jennifer Doughten
Landenberg, PA
"I recommend this product for its performance and effectiveness in repelling deer to other members. I like it!"
Jodella Brickhouse
Tarboro, NC
"We have deer, rabbits etc. It was sprayed around the garden area and on some plants. There has not been any signs of deer or other animals munching on the plants. Fact is I haven't seen any fresh deer tracks. All are impressed."
Charles Lilly
Norman, OK
"My neighbor has goats that get loose and eat my day lilies, but no more. Flowers growing great now. Also put in flower beds too keep cats from using as a litter box. Works great! Everyone wants to know where to get some."
Tammy Anderson
Alvin, TX
"The smell wasn't too bad & I actually had flowers for a change. Seemed to keep the deer out of the gardens. Didn't have to reapply after the rain. Everyone thought it was a good product."
Janet Warren
Berryville, AR
"Product very, very easy to apply. Does not wash off with normal rain. It did a good job of keeping rabbits & deer & turkeys at bay. Everyone liked it and wanted to use it.}
Lenz Waugh
Stony Point, NC
"This product seemed effective when used more frequently than the directions suggest. We have many actively feeding deer in the area. We found that when reapplied after a steady rain the deer chose to feed somewhere else. Could possibly find a similarly effective product a few dollars less expensive. This product was effective."
Michael Madge
West Seneca, NC
"Smells bad: hands get a workout: hard to wash scent off hands or clothing: should use gloves & be sure to stand up-wind when spraying. It works. Glad it works; do not like the smell."
Laquita Sutton
Choudrant, LA
"In a family member's garden in South Carolina after two visits from the deer, your product was used and the first and second day there was no sign that the deer came back."
Estelle Arnold
Pinewood, SC
"This product kept the rabbits from chewing buds off our burning bushes. The odor of this product is very offensive. I suggest to anyone using this to cover body and nasal passages. The odor goes away in about 1 hour. I liked the concept of keeping rabbits from eating new buds. Hated the odor."
Sue Sari
Ridgway, PA
"As for product itself, and as I suspected, it had a not so pleasant odor. The spray container was a bit leaky and the product got on me & my clothing. I live in dense woods with a lot of god's creatures running in & through my yard. Where I sprayed the bushes & flowers, I have not seen the deer or bunnies around. The deer do still come into the yard however. I will try to spray the diameter of yard. I does work well! Thank you! Great product."
Lisa Gelsebach
Green Lane, PA
"Very effective in controlling deer and rabbits in the garden. It even put it on my flowers and it kept the groundhogs from eating the roots. My friends were amazed at the way it repelled the groundhogs."
Betty Leach
Alexandria, AL
"I had a problem with both rabbits and deer. Once I used the product I noticed new growth right away. I was very happy with this product. Easy to use and carry around. The appearance of the bottle may just blend in with other products. All were interested because it worked so well."
Susan Collier
Prattsburgh, NY
"Last year deer ate our garden. This year we used the Deer Defeat Repellent, deer would not come near the garden. After using the deer repellent this year, we will continue to use it year after year. It really works! It stinks so bad even the rabbits stayed away! Everyone loved it after I proved to them it really keeps the deer away from your garden."
Gertrude Goforth
Newton, NC
"It's very effective product for which it was designed and delivered upon its promise to deter any deer that may venture near by. It's so easy to use and ready when I need it. Everyone loved the reliability to do what it was supposed to do."
Linda Parker
Terry, MS
"I don't have a problem with deer in my garden; but many deer get hit and killed (cars) by my house, so I used the product there & haven't seen deer near that location since. It Works! They all thought it was bogus until the deer stopped coming."
Christie Pflugh
Lutz, FL
"Very offensive odor more then others. Does the job. Good repellent, terrible scent on clothing."
Yvonne Hill
Rainbow City, Al
"I have had problems with deer eating my roses, daylilies & hostas. So far it's worked great."
Cindy Pullig
Castor, PA
"It worked."
Carolyn R Patterson
Ashville, AL
"Live in country with lots of deer & rabbits. Every year the rabbits eat my oxalis off at the ground as they come up. Last fall I planted 5 flats of pansies. Within 2 nights the deer had eaten all the blossoms and plants down to the ground. Many of them still had roots and stems in the ground so they are coming up now. It has been 2 weeks since I sprayed them and my tulips. Both are surviving. It is very odiferous. I suggest long sleeves and gloves when spraying. Stay up wind. My friends could not tell I used it. They just see my pansies and tulips."
Linda W Sides
Concord, NC
"I would recommend this product to others. When compared to another product of equal value this product did much better. Repels rabbits very good. My friends thought it was a very good product."
Charles Hunter
Star City, AR
"I would say that the product performed well and is easy to handle and store. My friends tried it and were amazed."
Dot Schnabel
Mt Pleasant, NC
"This product did very well. However one enormous downfall is the smell. I was so sick from breathing in the scent. After using the product I became ill from the smell, my bedroom was stifling hot, but I could not open the windows because I sprayed the product on the shrubs outside my window. It works."
Janet Crespi
Edinburg, PA
"Deer Defeat repellent I would recommend this product to people that have deer and rabbits eating their shrubs, flowers and young trees. It works and is easy to spray."
John Roach
Wellington, NV
"Deer did not eat my tomatoes or lettuce as they have in the past. It really works."
Diana Long
Clinton, TN
"I recommend this product to anyone that has a garden or flower beds. Not only does it work with deer and rabbits, it also keeps cats out. Though it stinks when you spray it - the smell does seem to fade away. On the back of the product - let the consumer know that it smells terrible then the smell will fade over time. Loved it but would not pay the price for such a small bottle."
Paul Hester
Deridder, LA
"The deer were coming up to my front porch and eating leaves and buds off my camelia bush. After receiving and using the deer repellent, my bush has started making new buds. Maybe next year I can actually have blooms. The smell goes away. Going to try it around the garden this year."
Shirley Tackett
Cruger, MS
"I have just put my seeds and plants in my garden. Sprayed around the perimeter as suggested. The deer came to the garden but did not get close, so they haven't disturbed the bed. Also sprayed my neighbor's garden. Last year they got into his garden and he had to replant. This year he has not been bothered. Everyone was pleased."
Kathy Lambert,
Huntsville, TX
"I do recommend this product. I sprayed my rhododendron and so far the deer have stayed away. Very easy to use spray bottle. There needs to be a directional arrow on the spray nozzle for open and closed."
Barbara Bowser
Sarver, PA
"Deer Defeat is identical to Liquid Fence, Deer Off and similar products. Short term, it is effective, but must be re-applied after heavy rain. I have used much-more-expensive coyote urine and found no more effective. Where physical barriers are not possible "Deer Defeat" is an acceptable solution - it will protect your plants as you are diligent with re-applications. Ease of use. Spray nozzle should give a finer mist. The current one leads to a lot of waste. all friends shared my opinion above. The smell is slightly less offensive than Liquid Fence - good when used near the house."
H White
Coatesville, PA
Robert True
Fortson, GA
"I used Deer Defeat on my flowers that squirrels keep taking the bulbs. I have no problem now. I let my mom use it on her flowers and it works keeping the squirrels away."
Debra Thacker
Houston, TX
"I recently purchased a new home as I was having problems with deer eating the leaves of my new plants - I sprayed them with the Deer Defeat repellent & they left my plants alone. - I haven't seen evidence of deer anywhere near my plants. Ease of use. Just spray it on like misting a new plant & done."
Edward Smith
Salemburg, NC
"I recommend this product. It keeps the deer out of your garden. Deer stay away and friends thought this product is excellent."
Jean Griffin
Preston, MS
"Kept deer away from my pear trees. They like pears better than apples. Real easy to use with no after smell. I saw almost the same product for twice the price. Ease of use and liked it. Note the good and not the excellent, I don't believe you can't improve anything."
Homer L Fox
Theodore, AL
"I have a garden and the deer come around and get into the vegetable garden. Sprayed the product around the outside perimeter and it seems to work. Also have a raccoon problem. This product seems to keep them away too. Haven't seen one around in two weeks. Ease of use and performance of product. Glad to have it. Will be able to enjoy the vegetables instead of the deer getting them."
Hardy Swenson
Leeds, AL
"Keeps deer away from crepe myrtle. Easy to apply. Glad to find this product."
Doris Roberson
Palestine, TX
"I was so glad to get this as I have deer and rabbit problems. I have used this & so far have had no issues. I have added the 2nd application and would definitely recommend it to friends and neighbors."
Sara Hostetler
Commerce, GA
"Deer started eating my daylilies as they poked through the ground. I sprayed twice in 3 days. My daylilies are doing great and so am I. Thank you. It does what it says it can do. So good it should be sold in smaller sizes. Everyone was happy for me."
Phil Guerrera
Sellersville, PA
"Not so sure about extended rainy season. Applied a couple of times to make sure. So far seems to be working."
Susan O'Brien
West Nyack, NY
"Used last part of season - Kept deer away and rabbits too. It lived up to it's expectations."
Tom McCarthy
Donora, PA
I" had deer in my yard all the time since using this product I haven't seen any deer. Easy to use. Excellent product."
Gerald Sonogynari
Clarksville, TN
"Your product of Deer Defeat works very well against deer & rabbits. I had no problems with them eating my fruit from trees. I have three peach trees & one plum tree. The odor kept the animals away. My fruit began to mature in late June & early July. It would be good if you could produce in pellets in small bags to hang on your trees. Family was very pleased with the results."
Judy Lucas
Snow Hill, NC
"This product did a good job keeping deer from eating my hostas this season. Previously they have eaten them by this time of year. Did the job! Great product."
Edye Jungles
Raverden Spgs, AR
"I have used Liquid Fence with same success. I liked this because it is ready to spray. I tested it on blooming plants. Where I sprayed the deer ignored. If I forgot to spray a particular plant it was a goner. It has smell but dissipates. Where can I buy it on west coast. Liked it."
Jane Santucci
San Anselmo, CA
"You can put it on the plants or ground trees. Our garden is between the trees. And on the ground for raccoons, opossums, skunks and rabbits. It works with them too. But I don't really have to worry about rabbits. We have a lot of cats. Spray pump it is easy to use. Make it smell like a deer's enemy. To me it smells like a deer."
Lou Evans
Forest, MS
"Keeps the deer away so plants can grow and bloom. It stinks but it works."
W Arnold
Victoria, TX
"It really helped keep the deer from my newly planted garden. My dad loves it."
Patricia Isley
Cary, NC
"My daughter is over-run with deer. They sleep in her front yard! She sprayed her newly planted trees and the deer moved completely out of her yard. She has been heartbroken as the deer have eaten her new plants and trees to the ground! This stuff stinks, but it works. She is very exited about this product. It works! Very effective! This is kind of expensive if you have to keep applying it after a good rain! Daughter loved it!"
Catherine Miller
Lampasas, TX
"Repels deer and other animals. It stinks but it works."
Barbara Brogden
Calera, Al
"Effective in keeping squirrels and possums away from the garden. It has no effect on armadillo. We have no deer to repel. Easy application. Impressed with results on small critters."
Sharon Tessena
Houston, TX
"This product works! I live in central Texas, and we are in a summer drought. The deer have eaten all my bushes, daffodils, anything that is green. I applied this product to plants they were eating, and they STOPPED! Excellent product. Great."
Laura L Wolfe
Lampasas, TX