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Buy Deer Defeat All Natural Deer Repellent

Deer Defeat all Natural Deer, Rabbit and Groundhog Repellent

Deer Defeat 16 oz. Concentrate Repellent

Buy 16 oz Concentrate of Deer Defeat to make 1 gallon of Ready To Use Spray

Deer Defeat 16 oz Concentrate

Instructions for mixing 16 oz Concentrate of Deer Defeat

When you purchase the 16 oz Concentrate of Deer Defeat, please mix the entire bottle at once to achieve the perfect ratio for a gallon of repellent. Use any empty, well rinsed, gallon container such as milk, juice or water gallon. Shake the 16 oz Concentrate well and then pour into the gallon container. After you have poured the concentrate into the clean gallon container, add some water to the empty 16 oz container and rinse well with the water making sure to gather all the remaining leftover deposits and oils from the 16 oz container. Pour into the gallon container. Add more water to make a gallon total of Ready To Use repellent.

Very important: 16 oz Concentrate is part of a gallon, do not add a gallon of water to it. Once mixed as Ready To Use solution the repellent has a long shelf life. If you have any repellent left over this season, if stored properly, it will be just as effective and ready for use next season. When filling a pump sprayer or hand bottle sprayer, it is very important to shake the entire gallon of Ready To Use repellent well before filling your sprayer and before you start each application. During prolonged spraying, shake the repellent periodically.

For detailed instructions on how to use Ready To Use repellent, please refer to “General use of Ready To Use repellent for flowers and vegetables. .

16 oz Concentrate of Deer Defeat makes 1 gallon of spray and covers approximately 2000 square feet.